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Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel is a high star tourist hotel with a history of more than 60 years; It is about 400 meters away from Yuping cableway, 470 steps and 20 minutes' walk. It has many good reputation such as 'Yuping in the sky' and 'hotel on the ladder'.
The hotel is located in the core of the scenic area, with natural and cultural landscapes. It is an excellent place to watch the sunrise and sunset, especially from late October to early March of the next year. You can watch it next to the welcoming pine at the door of the hotel (the welcoming pine is about 50 meters away from the hotel, like a tree in the courtyard). Welcome pine, see off pine, Tiandu peak, Lianhua peak, Yuping peak, white elephant stone, Qingshi stone and other famous scenic spots are close at hand. The entrance of Lianhua peak is about 200 meters away from the hotel.
Since 2015, the hotel has been building Huangshan cultural leisure resort around Huangshan humanistic culture through upgrading. The hotel has a variety of room types, including the view room facing Huangshan East China Sea, with a panoramic view of strange pines, strange rocks and sea of clouds; The design of intelligent house is personalized, the articles are household, the operation is intelligent, one room is designed, one thing is surprise; At the same time, you can feel the intimate butler service to meet all your expectations of home.
The hotel also has cafeteria, banquet box, landscape meeting room, landscape leisure bar, Huangshan culture corridor and other functional facilities. It has launched a series of cultural experience products, such as meditation, research, photography, exploration, health preservation, food and Yuping banquet, welcome banquet, Manjusri banquet.
Yupinglou hotel is an ideal destination for sightseeing, leisure, group building and business activities. It is your home beside the welcoming pine!
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FAQs when booking at Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from HuangshanTunxi International Airport?

    Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel is 45km from the airport.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel?

    Each costs cny68 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny910, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • calvin-nb
    The bedding is very clean and soft. It's down. The most intimate thing is that there is electric heating in the room for heating and drying clothes, which is very necessary for sunny and rainy weather in Huangshan. There is also the welcoming pine near the hotel. We took a lot of pictures of various angles and postures after the big wave of tourists left and before they came.
  • Tony0102
    The environment is good, the room is a little small
  • Jardel
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's very convenient to get off the cableway. It eliminates the long journey with luggage. The arranged rooms are also very satisfactory and have a wide view. Unfortunately, the weather is not beautiful and I don't see anything. Qianshan is just this hotel, so it's difficult to book. It's very close to Tiandu peak. Unfortunately, it's also the weather. Tiandu peak is closed, so I'll choose this one next time!
  • patricia75014
    Close to scenic spots, good, the price is too high
  • louis_luo
    Everything else was ok, but the room was too small. It had just been renovated and had a strong smell, but the scenery was still good near the welcoming pine
  • paula_mm
    You can't return the appointment after you make a reservation. It's very overbearing!
  • bluefira
    The hotel is very clean, but the service is friendly. It is closest to the welcoming pine. It is very convenient to take photos of sunrise and sunset. There should be room for improvement in counter landscape facilities. This is a recommended hotel.
  • ray002
    Stayed with 2 other friends in a triple room. Room was clean and normal-sized, better than expected! Only thing is that the food in the restaurant is quite expensive. However, I think thats everywhere on the mountains..
  • apple79
    The hotel has a great location and is close to welcoming guests. But the restaurant is very ordinary. The dishes are very expensive and have no characteristics.
  • duoduo718
    The receptionist had a very good attitude. When we went to the heavy rain, our Party of 15 only booked five beds. The waiter told us to squeeze. If we can't squeeze, we'll sit in the hall. Although it was cold in the rain, it made us feel warm.
  • teddyge
    The top of Huangshan Mountain is in an excellent position beside the welcoming pine
  • wanling88
    In the 4-star hotel next to the welcoming pine, there is an abyss under the room window, because there is no choice on the mountain. Even the hotel lobby is covered with floor shops.
  • CarnivoreRifle
    Very good, worthy of recommendation! Tiandu peak, Lianhua peak and Yuping peak!
  • lordrx
    Because the location is good, there is no other choice. The room is small, but it is relatively clean.
  • crystalsen
    The service was too average, just the level of the hostel. There was a strong smell of paint in the room. The ground was full of water. The smoke would drip in the middle of the night. I was stunned. I got up early to watch the sunrise. I didn't see it. I came back to sleep and lay down for a while. The workers outside the window are playing electric hammer decoration. See the picture, Huangshan is worth going again and won't stay here again
  • cc19830509
    The best accommodation for climbing Tiandu peak. The welcoming pine in front of the hotel beckons you, and the Sleeping Buddha bless you. The night scene at night is relaxed and happy.
  • amemin00
    Advantages: the hotel has a good location and unique design. It is located next to the welcoming pine, which is very suitable for climbing Tiandu peak; The room number is 308. The scenery outside the window is very good. Unfortunately, it was foggy when we went. We only found the beautiful scenery outside the window after climbing Tiandu peak on the second day and checking out (see the first photo); Although the facilities are slightly old, they are easy to use, especially the radiator for drying clothes, which is much easier to use than that of Xihai hotel; There are many people in the restaurant, but the price is much cheaper than that of Xihai hotel. For example, Mapo Tofu, minced vermicelli pot and double cooked meat are 210 yuan, and two people haven't finished eating them; The front desk staff had a very good attitude, and the service was better than that of the front desk staff of Xihai hotel. Disadvantages: the facilities are old, especially the carpet in the room is very dirty
  • e_may_may_may
    It's too dirty and cold
  • littlebaobao88
    The hotel is on the mountain. I come up from the back mountain. I'm tired and I just have a rest here. I watch the sunrise the next morning. recommend.
  • abcdel_a
    Hardware facilities and software services are more than that of Beihai Hotel, which claims to have received national leaders...
  • allen6036
    The hotel is near the welcoming pine, which is very convenient. The room is very clean, but the food is small and expensive.
  • caoling2011
    Big holiday, the price is really expensive, it is recommended not to go when there are too many people.
  • e00145775
    It's next to the hotel. It's great to see the scenery from the waiter's room! Although it is an old hotel, the electrical appliances and furniture in the room are relatively new, and the bed is soft. It's very good!
  • linyuejun
    Excellent location, go out to see welcome pine, accompanying pine. It's a good place to watch the sunrise.
  • d04930981
    There are too few plug rows to meet the charging needs! The sanitation is not bad. The welcome pine is in front of the door
  • standby_me
    Advantages: close to welcoming pine (you can get a good picture when you get up early), it's convenient to go to lotus or Tiandu, and it's also convenient to see the sunrise. Disadvantages: the hotel is located near the cableway and close to the end of the journey (starting point), which is not conducive to allocating time to play more scenic spots. The location of sunrise is not as good as the Summit Hotel. Comprehensive: as far as the hotel itself is concerned, the accommodation services are very good. Although the room is a little small, it has 24-hour hot water, broadband and restaurant. The room is very clean and good.
  • lijun
    It's very good. It's a good rest place to visit other scenic spots and recharge your energy for marching into Tiandu peak tomorrow
  • mollisue
    I live very well
  • sailing77
    The surrounding environment is first-class and the supporting facilities of the hotel are good. I didn't see the sunrise today, but I saw the sea of clouds. It's worth it!
    It's very good. It's very clean and cheap. I made a mistake at first. The man was ordered to be a woman. I called the seller and changed it. It's really good! Worthy of recommendation
  • oyang
    Good overall, good location!
  • juanito
    It's convenient. You can wait patiently to see the sea of clouds
  • g_sunway
    The rain equipment leaks, and the bathroom is full of water after taking a bath. I have to clean it myself. The house price of 940 yuan is at a loss.
  • maliyuan
    There are many small scenic spots nearby. It's not very far from Lianhua peak. It's very good
  • Elvis
    Many people are too ordinary!
  • e00122372
    The room is clean and there is a radiator. It is not wet. It is very close to welcoming pine and climbing Tiandu peak.
  • nomatter007
    It's OK to have such conditions on the mountain
  • aw2008jijip
    The price of this hotel is twice as expensive as Huangshan fragrant tea, but is the equipment 2 stars? The pillows and quilts in both rooms I ordered smelled of mildew. The lobby is on the fifth floor, and there is no elevator up and down, which is very unsuitable for the elderly and the weak. It's better not to live on Huangshan Mountain.
  • nmgms
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to the cableway. It is next to the welcoming pine. The facilities are general. There is a foot bath in the hotel. The food tastes OK, but it's expensive. There is a musty smell in the room.
  • J_Yang
    The four-star hotel is good. It's just that it's being renovated. There's a little peculiar smell in the room.
  • emix69
    It's very suitable to see the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, but you can't eat it without breakfast
  • saturnxv
    It is 300 meters away from Yuping cableway. The room is very clean and down jacket is provided. However, down jacket is very heavy. It's OK to see the sunrise and it's heavy to climb the mountain
  • caryleefan
    According to the standard room on the mountain, it's OK, but the sound insulation of the room is not very good. Ordering... Is expensive.
  • greatyoung
    The service attitude is really excellent! I made a lot of customer service calls in one night, but they didn't kill me! It's 2:00 in the morning!
  • e01804539
    I was worried when I made the reservation. Because I have seen a lot of tourists' comments on the hotel on the mountain, it's just a mess. But the stay in yupinglou really surprised my friends and me. We ordered beds for girls. After checking in, we found that there were four people. The sheets and covers were very clean, and the rooms didn't smell damp or musty as some people said. Although they were not as good as the star hotels at the foot of the mountain, they were already very good. The air on the mountain is very good. When you enter the room, the windows are open, so it's very comfortable inside. There are independent bathrooms and shower rooms, heating and TV. Except the location is not ideal, because it is just at the entrance of Qianshan cableway. It's almost like living at the foot of the mountain.
  • annaballe
    Just a better position. The price is too high and the room is very old.
  • damien
    Very good service attitude! Awesome! The service was also very considerate! Huangshan is very human!
  • davidyemg
    Welcome to the pine side. If you climb up the front mountain, it's very suitable to stay there. It's good to watch the sunrise and sunset
  • Manred
    Comparison supermarket
  • cndama
    In order to enjoy the welcome under the golden twilight, song and tiandufeng have no better choice than yupinglou. Compared with the harvest, there are some other shortcomings. The little waiters in the restaurant have a very good attitude. My son loves the secret snacks given by the hotel. Maybe it's too much during the day.
  • emildellau
    Good, on the mountain.
  • M01118583
    The location is good, the service is also good, we will be reminded to have dinner. But when you walk into the hotel, there is a damp smell, which is not as good as other hotels on the mountain.
  • daitung
    It's economical and affordable. It's also convenient to watch the sunrise
  • e00017162
    The service was very good and the restaurant was also very good. I'll come again next time
  • e00057419
    Average, very average
  • ab676889
    I feel the facilities are quite old, a little old! The waiter has a good attitude. The welcome song is next to him. It's good. It's convenient to watch the sunrise! If you want to see the sunrise, you can consider here, or start walking up the mountain from ciguangge at noon. It is recommended to live here!
  • barnu
    very good
  • bxsly
    The hotel has a good location, close to the cableway of Yupingfeng, with good scenery!
  • ononpanda
    A very comfortable room. Climb the mountain from the back mountain and finally rest at the hotel. The waiter's attitude was very good. Next time you go to Huangshan, you must live in Yuping building again.
  • mecer82
    There is the famous Huangshan welcoming pine at the door of the hotel. WOW! But the hotel is too old. There is a peculiar smell in the room. Fortunately, the window can be opened for ventilation.
  • bobo8188
    not bad
  • coffan
    Very nice hotel
  • babyfoxs2011
    Good environment. The hotel is very intimate. The down jacket is very good. Good location.
    The hotel is very good and the location is also good. It's near the West Sea Grand Canyon with beautiful scenery. I checked in for the second time. I'll take my family to stay here next time
  • Vera522
  • mot99
    The hotel service was pretty good, giving people a warm feeling. General facilities. But thinking about the buildings on the top of the mountain, especially next to the welcoming pine, all the shortcomings can be made up.
  • joyce811118
    Poor equipment for multi person single bed
  • ai natural
    OK, it's convenient to see the welcoming song