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aclyonescore:4.8 / 52024-01-05
If I'm here, I actually settled in Baiyun Hotel. It's also very lucky. I originally wanted to book Baiyun Hotel. I booked here when I saw that there was no online; As a result, the prophet yupinglou hotel was full. I think it was because of its unique scenery. Then I changed to Baiyun Hotel, which means I'm very lucky. Check in is a multi person girls' room, the bed is very warm, and the indoor heating is very warm. The small partners who check in look like college students and are very harmonious. You can take a bath. The hygiene is very good. It's a good experience.
my555score:5.0 / 52023-12-18
Welcome song is right in front of you. It's very convenient to pedal Tiandu peak. You sweat all over and come back to take a hot bath. It's very comfortable to lie in bed and rest. In the morning, you can see that there are down coats in the room of Sunrise Hotel. It's very humanized. You can see that Sunrise Hotel goes right to the platform at the small door of Lianhua peak. The location is very good and convenient. In short, it's worth recommending! It is recommended that tourists staying in the hotel go up the mountain from Yungu temple the day before and walk all the way to the last hotel. The route is not repeated and is more suitable
liliesscore:3.8 / 52023-10-03
Hotel meal order price is fair, standard service, superb cooking, to be praised.
déjàvuscore:5.0 / 52023-10-02
N has not lived in the upper and lower bunks for many years. It's good to feel it with the students who haven't seen each other for ten years
E04475382score:4.0 / 52023-08-14
Nice location. But still under renovation, so cant enjoy fully. Room is clean. Breakfast is basic. Price is 5star. But understand because of location on mountain top, we paid this price.
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